Holiday and Fly-in Safaris

Namibia is one of the most breath-taking countries in the world. Offering a wide diversity of beautiful landscapes, wildlife and historical sites. There is no better way to experience all that Namibia has to offer than by air. Westair has a wide range of twin and single engine aircraft that are able to land on unimproved runways across Namibia and the larger Southern African area. Our travel co-ordinators have years of travel and aviation experience and will be able to assist you to plan your dream holiday. With a superior fleet of aircraft combined with local expertise Westair will be able to cater for your needs.

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Holiday and Fly In Safari in Namibia

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Aircraft Charters

Based at Eros Airport in Windhoek, Westair Aviation is the leading provider of Air charters in Namibia. Read more...

Fly-In Safari in Namibia with a Cessna 402


Westair Aviation operates a wide range of contract aerial operations like cargo services, aerial survey operations or medical evacuation operations. Read more

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Aircraft Leasing

Westair has several aircraft available for long -term lease. These aircraft can be operated either by a third party or by our Westair crew. Read more


Fleet Info

The Westair fleet comprises of 30 aircraft of 13 different types. Of these, 7 are turbine aircraft. Read more

Charter Services


Westair Flight Training Academy (WFTA) provides ab-initio training as well as advanced flight training. Read more



Westair Maintenance (WAM) based at Eros Airport is an approved Aircraft Maintenance Organization. Read more